About Combo Sapiens

Combo Sapiens is an instrumental band of modern music, born within the teaching program of Escola de Música del Palau de Barcelona, ​​the academic year 2015-2016.

That academic year, and within the framework of the celebration of 40 years of the school, the whole Combo formed in previous courses, assumed the will to project their musical proposal in a more stable and programmed way, and consolidate a personality of its own as a modern music band through its name, logo and musical repertoire.

Since then, Combo Sapiens has participated in many auditions and concerts inside and outside the school and has been expanding the stylistic content of its moving repertoire between funk, swing, latin and rock music.

At the moment Combo Sapiens is formed by 12 young musicians of ages between 11 and 16 years old, two adult musicians, 2 directors who are also part of the team of teachers of the center and all the families and friends that accompany them.

Stimulated by the thesis of the biological and social conception of musical activity, proposed in the lectures entitled "How Musical is Man?" of the English ethnomusicologist John Blacking, the group of Combo Sapiens, wants to continue to evolve and explore passionately To what extent is a human being a musician ?.

Nothing better for all this, than finding ourselves in the music that we propose!